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About Kiria

I love music, mangos, massages & moonlight.



Born May 8, I´m a Taurus with a Cancer ascendant. Growing up I spent all my spare time in the horse stable. I´m a very loud sneezer and I often talk in my sleep. My first cat was all black and his name was Tiger.

As a little kid I ran around the house pretending to be an opera singer, very much to the delight of my parents (not). Nowadays I still run around singing, very much to the delight of my teenage daughter (not). I love the ocean´s glittering waves and the smell of roses.

As a kid I was mistaken for a boy sometimes. As a teenager I wanted to get a breast reduction because the boys were teasing me all the time and I didn´t know I was beautiful then.

When I was 16 I lived in Texas for a year and went to a catholic High School. On a retreat in the garden of a monastery I experienced a kind of spiritual revelation finding God/Spirit in nature. It shaped my spiritual beliefs & further seeking. For about 20 years now I´ve wandered on and learned from shamanic paths and have been influenced by various others.

I am a woman, a wife, a mother, a stepmother, a sister, a daughter, an aunt and sometimes even a bitch. I´m a multipassionate entrepreneur, a singer, a dancer, a truth-seeker, a beauty-seer, a lover, a visionary and a goddess (like every woman). I am a teacher and a student, of birth, of love, of sacred sexuality and of life.

My daughter was born at home in a wading pool in our bedroom within 3 hours (we didn´t have those big beautiful birth pools then). She was born at the same time of day as I was.

Looking at the bright blue sky really makes me happy.

May the love be always with you,




Now, let’s get down to business.

Hi, I’m Kiria Vandekamp, your Sensual Birth Coach and my life’s passion is to teach and empower women like you to experience both pregnancy and birth in a way that leaves you feeling completely and deeply satisfied.

My goal is to help you create the birth of your dreams by helping you to reclaim your feminine power and beauty. Come birthday, I want you to feel like a goddess so you can give birth with confidence and joy.

After a decade of being a tantra massage therapist, helping & teaching women and men to discover their own sensuality and ecstatic flow, I trained as a natural health professional and finally became a certified midwife. I am also a childbirth educator and a pre- & postnatal Kundalini Yoga teacher. I love to learn & have done lots of further trainings & I am constantly continuing my studies.

As a certified midwife I have attended births as well in a hospital environment as in birth centers and in the privacy of the parents´ home. I’ve spent more than 15 years helping women to connect to their bodies and their devine feminine wisdom.

I’ve seen many women struggle with their visions of an ideal birth experience and the birth they ended up with in reality. They feel deprived of the natural ecstasy they knew somewhere deep down inside should be there.

That’s exactly why I specialize in a new kind of birth preparation: The Art of Sensual Birthing. This birth prep integrates your whole essence — your heart, body, mind, spirit and sexy soul — and respects the magical being that you are.

Through one-on-one coaching, my blog posts, songs & videos, I’m thrilled to share my knowledge, experience, insights, and visions with you.

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~ from your very own Sensual Birth Coach ~


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