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Birth & Pregnancy Art



On this site I want to share different forms of Birth Art with you. You may use it as an inspiration to create your own or just enjoy it. There are also some links to artists who make beautiful Birth Art that you can purchase if you don´t want to make your own or to add even more beauty to your home or birth altar.

You are very welcome to send me pictures of your birth art to be published here as inspiration for others!


Kiria Vandekamp. Pregnant Goddess. 1999
Pregnant Goddess by Kiria Silke Vandekamp (1999),
made while pregnant with her daughter

Kiria Vandekamp. Birth Support
Birth Support by Kiria Silke Vandekamp (2003)


Stillen. Kiria Vandekamp
Stillen (Breastfeeding) by Kiria Vandekamp (2010),
after a painting by Annika Sporleder


Ancient Birt Art

The statues may be old, but the postures a still up-to-date. Let yourself be inspired!
birthing_goddess squatting_birth_goddess Kneeling_Mexican_Birth_Goddess
Birthing Goddess Statues from Central America (Unfortunately I don´t know the original source of these pictures. Do you?)

Kali giving birth center-image
Birthing Goddess Statues from India (Unfortunately I don´t know the original source of these pictures. Do you?)

Purchasable Artwork by Recommended Artists:

I want to introduce you to some of my favorite artists whose work about the feminine, pregnancy & birth I love very much. They offer beautiful prints, postcards, posters or jewelry for sale. Wonderful pieces to beautify your home, yourself or create a birth altar.


earth_mother_sm Lotus_Birth_sm The_Amazing_Placenta_sm Artwork by Durga Yael Bernard


Amy Haderer. The Mandala Journey. Belly Cast Amy Haderer. The Mandala Journey. Birth Lyric Amy Haderer. The Mandala Journey. Necklace I will always love you Artwork & jewelry by Amy Haderer-Swagman


a.r.greavette.painting_002 a.r.greavette.birth a.r.greavette.birth3 Artwork by Amanda Greavette


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