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Birth Stories

On this page you will find personal birth stories for your inspiration.

Please note that these stories do not neccessarily reflect the opinion of Kiria Vandekamp and The Art of Sensual Birthing. Do not take them as a random suggestion to act in the same way. You always have to look at your specific situation and find the best place or/and way to birth for YOU. Do not compare yourself to others. You and your baby are unique!

Use them as an uplifting inspiration!

InaMayGaskin.Terese crowning

Just look at her blissful face

Terese crowning in ecstatic childbirth
As pictured in “Ina May´s Guide to Childbirth”
Archive by Ina May Gaskin
Terese was a primipara
Her baby weighed 3600g
Duration of contractions 24 hrs

My births have always been sacred moments to me, moments that I affirmed wholeheartedly und which I thought back to with great pleasure.
I wasn’t scared of the pain, because I knew I was going to be able to endure them well and that the process of birth will progress the best, if I don’t resist, but instead give in.
Pain, to me, was part of the birth, it was not a contradiction to a sensual experience.
But sensual doesn’t necessarilly mean sexual to me.
I experienced the contractions as very big and wonderful.
Like riding the waves.
I felt completely one with the moment, with myself, with the process of birth.
I was happy during every single contraction and in between. – C.



The Intuition to Deliver a Breech Baby Naturally – Ayn´s Birth Story

This awe inspiring story recounts the intuition and spiritual guidance that led an expecting mother to deliver her breech baby naturally. Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D shares how she requested the assistance of her spiritual midwife, and how the guidance of this spirit ensured a safe delivery of her baby, and how her story inspired changes to a hospital policy. Thank you Ayn for sharing your story with us!

“Becoming a mother is one of the greatest events of a woman’s life. In many ways it is an initiation, and the birth of my son demanded the courage, intelligence and wisdom to trust my intuition. My first delivery was with a midwife in England. My baby girl arrived after an eleven-hour natural labor on her due date, my milk flowed easily and I experienced no unusual challenges. I expected that my second labor would be similar and perhaps even shorter. We had planned a gentle home birth with a midwife in Los Angeles, California. During my eighth month of pregnancy I began to have dreams that my son was concerned about his delivery and was requesting a doctor. When I went for my 32-week checkup my midwife was concerned that the baby had not turned and suggested that I lay with my feet up or do shoulder stands against the wall….” To read the whole story CLICK HERE


Didn’t have any real contractions, both times, wasn’t in waves, was some minor dragging pain a couple of times, both births for about 20 – 30 minutes, with N. no pain or pressure during contractions at all, just felt that an intensive form of energy went through me and virtually pushed him out – this was not very painful, but very intensive (not easy finding words for this…).
Second birth: euphoriant, highly energetic, incredibly spiritual experience, connection of cosmic and bodily reality, a gate to the universe, orgasmic, all my senses were in high spirits, most powerful and sensual experience of my life. – Birgit Baader


geburtsbericht.nadine wenger1.elyah

Birth of Elyah Yanis – Nadine´s Birth Story

“The waves became more intensive, but more pleasant, more like a tremendous feeling of pressure. One wave later, he slid all the way down and I was already able to feel for his head inside me. I was totally euphoric. With the next wave, his head slowly got pushed out, I did the perineum protection with my hands. At first I was breathing deeply, moaned, raised my voice and started a roaring laughter. I was so full of happiness, I couldn’t but keep on laughing at the top of my lungs and had a hard time stopping. Our baby’s head was born.” – Nadine Wenger

I completely believed in my abilities of simply and safely giving birth to a baby, without any external impacts. (…) Just letting go, floating along, letting yourself get wrapped up and carried away. Not wanting to control anything, but becoming one and melting away in a new symbiosis of emotions until the waves calm down again, to jump up again in an even more dragging undertow, in order to widen the boundaries of the inexplicable until I myself will be the energy and pave my way. An enormous power lets me feel that I have to give in and can let it happen, life bears itself from within. – Mary Mattiolo

If you want to read Mary´s whole birth story in German click here


James & Laurentine Colquhoun´s Birth Story

“I call this an unusual story because it is not the typical hospital style birth that dominates our culture.
Ever since Laurentine and I first met at college at 1999 (yes we’re college sweethearts!) we would joke about starting a family and having lots of kids running around. We did however feel deep down inside that there was some important work calling us before we did so which is indeed what happened….” Read more here
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