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We Are Sisters On A Journey

First of all, welcome to my new blog, sister!

This is my very first blog post, woot, and I´m not really that much of a writer I must admit.
And to be honest I don´t even know yet if I will be blogging regularly. We´ll see.
Depends if you like it & if I like it 😉

But why am I calling you sister? Because to me ALL women are sisters and I believe if we internalize this as a mindset & start living like we mean it the world will become a much more peaceful place.

Of course sisters can be mean and bitchy to each other but that´s not the kind of sisterhood that I´m talking about. On a spiritual level we are sisters by heart, sisters by spirit & sisters by our moonblood. We share the rhythms of the moon, we share our ability to be the creatrix, we share the same worries, the same struggles, but also the same cycles, the same hopes & desires.

We are distinct individuals too but at the core we are ONE. One woman. One heart. One Soul.

As women we are & hold the receptive, creative energy of the universe, we are the space, the space that receives the seed to bring forth life (not only in pregnancy but in creating all life).

That´s me in the middle of the picture (back row) with part of my sisterhood circle after a First Blood Ceremony this spring. This circle is exists since 18 years now and my sisters are very dear to my heart. We´re are spiritual circle with most of us rooted in a shamanic tradition and in the Wise Woman Tradition.

Over the years we have shared & celebrated our lives and their turning points together, like celebrating solstices & equinoxes, full moons, dark moons, weddings, mother blessings, births, baptism/welcoming ceremonies, funerals, rites of passage, crone ceremonies and many other things. We´ve shared laughter & tears, success & failure, joy & despair, good times & challenging times.

I left the circle for a few years when I moved away a couple of years ago. In the beginning I still went to our meetings even though it took me 1,5 hrs to get there on a regular workday. When I moved again I left the circle because it seemed too much of a hassle. But after a while I started missing my sisters. Not only our gatherings, their wisdom & our ceremonies but also this invisible support, to always know they are backing me up & will be there for me if I need them.

Sometimes you need to lose something to realize it´s worth.

So 1,5 years ago I joined my sisterhood circle again even though it still takes me about 1,5 hrs to get to my sisters (that´s because it is a local circle).

I am telling you this to encourage you to surround yourself with likeminded women and to create your own sisterhood circles, whether you call it a sisterhood, a women´s group, women´s circle, women´s network or else. It doesn´t matter.

We thrive when we genuinely connect with other women, share our hearts, minds & souls. (Tweet this)

The idea of a sisterhood circle touches women on a deep collective level. There is a great hunger to connect, learn & grow together.

So here is what you need to do to start your own sisterhood circle:

    • make a list of women you would like to invite to your sisterhood circle
    • write down what your intent of meeting with them is
    • decide how often and for how long you want to meet
    • send these women an invitation & share with them your vision of this circle
    • create a structure for your gatherings to prevent it from being just another kaffeeklatsch
    • include a ritual opening & closing, sharing time and some kind of input
    • honor the feminine (we must honor ourselves before we can honor others)
    • share your knowledge & wisdom
    • educate yourself & each other about male & female balance
    • nurture yourselves, bring some delicious goodies, that´s an innate part of women´s circles


Especially in pregnancy & preparing for birth it is wonderful to have awesome women around you who support you & your birth visions. You can create your own blessingway or mother blessing ceremony, an honoring ritual to help the mother-to-be celebrate her journey into motherhood. It focuses on the femininity and power that comes through growing a baby and giving birth.

I had a beautiful birth prep blessingway ceremony with my sisterhood for the birth of my daughter (13 yrs ago) and it was a great help to center and connect to my body and Mother Earth. I was quite stressed at that time because I had been reading so much and wanted to do everything right. They created a special ceremony for me with smudging, an honoring circle, a yarn ceremony, bodypainting, dancing, singing, fingerfood, and a guided journey into a cave which really helped me to come down. With their help I was really able to relax more so that I could give birth soon after from a much more grounded position.

My personal love for sisterhood circles is why my first song to share with you is “We are sisters on a journey”. The source of the song is unknown to me for it has travelled through many women´s circles for quite a long time now.


We are sisters on a journey, singing now as one
Shining through the darkest night
The healing has begun, begun
The healing has begun

We are sisters on a journey, shining now as one
Remembering the ancient ways
The women and the wisdom
The women and the wisdom

We are sisters on a journey, watching life unfold
Sharing warmth of heart and hands
The knowledge of the old, the old
The knowledge of the old

We are sisters on a journey, standing at the door
Remembering what passed long ago
Let’s turn the key once more, once more
Let’s turn the key once more

Go to my Sing with me! page and join me in this song!

Love & Pleasure

P.S. Do you have a women´s circle or sisterhood that supports you? What would you love to do with a circle of awesome women? Share your thoughts & experiences in the comments below!


posted on 11/3/2013

Beautiful Kiria! I couldn’t agree more…Sister! Well-done! Here’s hoping you keep them coming!!

posted on 11/4/2013

Thank you, April!

posted on 11/4/2013

great job on your first blog post. I really wanted to start a sisterhood circle (didn’t know it had a name. ) I wanted it to have a ritual start and end. Positive environment to help and unite women. A sacred space where there is no judging, just nurturing. I had forgotten about it until I read your blog and all my ideas came flooding back to me. Thank you!

posted on 11/4/2013

@Danielle: I wish you good luck to attract some awesome women for a powerful sisterhood circle!

posted on 11/4/2013

Love the post! Love the sisterhood and been feeling a bit of a longing for that connection. Thank you for this post and THANK YOU for the song! LOVE it!

posted on 11/5/2013

LOVE this, Kiria! Such an important message I hope it spreads…
Thanks for sharing!

posted on 11/6/2013

Thank you Tania & Jeannine! Sisterhood is a wonderful answer to a longing many of us women feel. A longing to connect on a deeper Level, to feel secure, supported and at peace with our sisters.

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