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I´m having a giveaway!


It´s LAUNCHING DAY today & I´m doing a little happy dance over here!
We finally made it. Thank you, my dear subscribers, for your patience.
But pooh! What a week this has been.
Within the last week, besides lots of work preparing for the launch, I had a little car accident (don´t worry, I´m o.k.) and yesterday somebody broke the window of my car in broad daylight at a busy road while I was at a postnatal visit looking after some cute newborn twins (natural birth :-)) and stole my most loved purse including my wallet, creditcards, ID card,… & my much loved smartphone with lots of data on it that I hadn´t saved yet. Afterwards I even got a ticket because I had no money to pay the parking fee. That was a really crappy day! 🙁

And today I´m fighting a cold that´s creeping up my feet. Well, no wonder.
But that didn´t stop me from finishing the last important details on the site so I could put it online for YOU!
Hope you like it. I do. 🙂

Now, as I promised you a giveaway at the top of the page so mote it be.


So get ready for the


To celebrate the official launch of The Art of Sensual Birthing
you can WIN:

1. Price: A FREE 60 minute Sensual Birth Prep session via phone with me (value 99 €)

2. Price: An original Hoppediz woven baby sling, color: Nairobi (orange-yellow stripes), 4,60m x 0.70m (value 59 €)
Hoppediz_Nairobi Hoppediz_Nairobi 2

Hoppediz Baby Slings

3. Price: 1 pair of rainbow BabyLegs legwarmers, one size (value 15 €)
rainbow_p_2 rainbow_2

BabyLegs Legwarmers

What do you have to do to enter the Super Launch Sweepstake?

* Sign up to my list (if you haven´t already) – click here!
* Write a comment below this post about why you´d love to win! (You must click on “comments” just below the top headline.)
* Be ready to send me a lovely picture of yourself if you are one of the lucky winners!
You can enter the sweepstake until November 30th, 2013. Then I will draw the winners & announce them here in my blog. 🙂

The Super Launch Sweepstake will be extended until December 10, 2013
So take the chance to WIN by signing up to my list & commenting below right NOW!

Please share this message with your friends on Facebook & other social media!

Today I´ve also got a SING WITH ME song for you for powerful women. And powerful women we are, right?

I am a strong woman, I am a story woman
I am a healer, my soul will never die.

This is a woman´s circle song that has travelled through many circles until it came to me. Thus I don´t know who wrote it. Do you?

So, let´s sing together!


You can also find my SING WITH ME videos on my FOR YOU page. Click on the first funny image of me to get there.

Now take your time to look around the site & let me know if I can do anything for you.

Love & Pleasure





posted on 11/16/2013

your voice is beautiful…inspiring song!

posted on 11/23/2013

Die Webseite sieht gut aus und als Schwangere im 7. Monat interessiere ich mich sehr für eine wundervolle Entbindung….
Viel Erfolg mit deiner Arbeit… ach ja, die 3 Preise sind alle toll! Liebe Grüße Gaby

posted on 12/4/2013

It was a pleasure to meet you and I had good and wise advice from you in this part of my life, you are a happy person who´s always ready to help, I’m very thankful for everything you have done for me. Ps. You have a beautiful voice 🙂

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