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Solstice Celebration

Alexander Ishchenko. shutterstock_59945146

Today we are having the shortest day & longest night of the year (at least on this side of the earth) & so we are celebrating the return of the light.

May your inner light shine brightly through these dark times & may the new light spark your dreams & vision to grow into bright shining lights within the coming year.

I´ve just been to a beautiful solstice sweatlodge ceremony & feel really sparked & filled with radiant energy.

It´s a wonderful time now to harvest what you´ve created during this year & to let go of all the things you are worrying about, the strategies that are no longer usefull, the nonproductive habits, the mean-bitch voices…

Ceremonial tip: Write it all on a piece of paper & then burn the paper saying loud & strong: “I give this away, NOW!”

We need to let go to make space for the new.

Here is a beautiful song for you that suits the time well.

It´s a Sufi song called “Thy light is in all forms”. The recording was made this summer at an event in a local church, where we were spontaneously singing with about 50 people. The video quality isn´t good though, because our better camera didn´t work. But the song is beautiful.

So enjoy & have an enlightened time!

Love and Pleasure Kiria


Picture credit: Shutterstock – Alexander Ishchenko

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