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Spiritual House Cleaning & The 12 Nights

Räuchern 1. Kiria Vandekamp

We´ll soon be entering the 12 nights after Christmas now
which is a sacred time in the old european tradition.

A time between the worlds. Nights of blessings.

A time where it is said that the wild “Percht” & her entourage is rushing around outside. Stories about this female archetype or Goddess figure can be found in European fables, myths & lore. She even appears as Mother Hulda in the Grimm´s fairy tales.

This special time made up of the difference between the ancient moon calendar & the sun calendar and starts at Dec. 25, representing the energy of one months of the coming year or one sign of the zodiac ( starting with Aries ending with Pisces) each day.

The celebrations of this time are not of christian origin, as we may think, but much older from ancient pagan traditions in the kelto-germanic culture and even older.

It´s a wonderful time to do oracle readings, dreaming journeys, journaling, meditation, playing, praying, visioning & a little magic. A time where time itself is said to stand still. The gates to the other worlds are wide open.

Extra time. Sacred time. Time to turn inwards.

In 12 magical days & nights everything is whirling around. Light. Dark. Spirit. Substance. Emotions. Thoughts. And the souls of all humans are often very sensitive, like the little spark of light that has ignited itself during the winter solstice.

The 13th day, January 6, is a special day, the Percht-Day, the High New Year, where we travel through all of the energies in one day, changing about every 2 hours. This day represents all energies of the coming year.

In German those sacred nights are called “Rauhnächte”. The word “rauh” does in this context not mean rough but it comes from the word “Rauch” which means smoke. The kind of smoke which appears when you burn incense.

Burning incense creates a connecting line to the spirit world.

It is a very important and sacred act that is repeatedly done during this special time of the year.

You want to clean yourself & your surroundings on an energetical level & get rid of all the stuck energies stored in the rooms & corners of your house or flat.

Clear your sacred space of any low vibrations.

Trying to solve any existing conflicts can also be a part of this cleaning process. That alone is a big thing that sounds easier, of course, than it is in most cases. But if you can don´t bring the old stuff into the new year with you. Let it go.

Räuchern 2

Here are several ways to do the
Spiritual House Cleaning:

– Burning sage to clear negative energies has a very long tradition. You can use a bowl or a bigger shell to put it in, light it & use your hand or a fan/feather to spread the smoke. You can even use the sage you can buy in a drugstore or pharmacy. You can also use mugwort/ambrosia (artemisia vulgaris), laurel/bay leaf or even peppermint which is soothing for the nervous system. (It should glow & smoke, not burn with flames, only in the beginning when you light it.) Sage banishes negative energies, clears your aura & space. I love it.

– You can buy lots of different kinds of incense & tools to burn it, like incense sticks that you can put into a holder or the earth, incense cones to put on some sand or earth and resin incense like copal. They come in many different scents & styles. Don´t buy the cheap ones, they may have a lot of chemicals added. Buy all natural ones made of herbs and essential oils e.g. from your health food store.

– The native american tradition in which I have studied for many years uses white sage (salvia apiana) or Smudge, a mixture of white sage, cedar & lavender or sometimes sweetgrass. Sage clears all negative energies, cedar brings balance of male & female energies & lavender brings beauty.

– Always make sure there is good ventilation of the room and do not inhale the smoke! A little bit goes a long way.

– If you are looking for a non-smoking version you can also use an energetic air freshener spray made of essential oils that have space clearing attributes. There is one I like from the German company Primavera called “Space Clearing”. But you can find many others in your favorite shops on- or offline.

Traditional incense like it is used in the Catholic Church also comes in different forms with different scents, depending on where the resin comes from or if anything has been added. I cannot stand all kinds, but I love me some rose incense. I just used it today to purify our house. Rose has such a nice heart opening quality. I put it on a piece of round charcoal that´s made especcially for this reason. The charcoal is lit and the resin smolderes on it. I put it in a small clay chalice with some sand in it because it gets very hot after a while. You can see it in the picture.

Once your incense is producing smoke, you walk clockwise through all of your rooms spreading the smoke. You can add prayers for the kind of energy that you want to invite into the rooms or even sing a song. I like to make up my own songs asking the Great Goddess to bless the house & its people with protection, health, wealth, happyness, hope, harmony & humor. 🙂

Generally you can do it whenever you like. During the 12 Nights it was traditionally done on the 24th, New Years Eve & January 6th. If you missed one of these days, don´t worry too much about it & just smile and start right now.

I wish you all a very pleasant Christmas/Yule/Twelve Nights with a song live from our living room:


Happy Bliss-Mas to you!
Love and Pleasure Kiria

Edited Dec.29,2014

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