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Your Best Year Ever


Hello gorgeous Soul,

happy New Year!

Did you have a relaxing start of the year & are enjoying it so far? I hope so. And I hope this is going to be your best year ever!

I´m cooking up great things to create for you this year like an upcoming eBook about sensual birthing and this year I will also be creating my signature program, a step-by-step eCourse about how to become a smart & sensuous birthing goddess!


sensual_3d Coming soon…


I myself have worked with lovely Leonie Dawson´s workbooks for 2014, that I recommended to you earlier, during the last few weeks, to set my intentions for the year & it was a lot of fun.

If you haven´t done this yet, I highly recommend that you do. To make it easier for you I have created an “Intending Your Best Year Ever” sheet for you to download. It´s never too late to start.

Intending Your Best Year Ever

One year ago I plunged into a crisis after New Year´s. I believed that I should be happy & content with my job as a freelance midwife working in a beautiful birth center with a great team, because it was everything I always wanted & it is such a beautiful & fulfilling work.

I thought I didn´t have the right to be dissatisfied.

But I was.

Something was pulling my soul & left me tossing & turning sleepless in my bed.

I finally decided to give in to these feelings & see what´s underneath. So I discovered my urge to work with pregnant women in a different way.

There was a longing to dive deeper with them into the process of giving birth, to help them discover & unfold the beauty & sensuality of birth, to help women connect to their inner wisdom, their divine core, their inner goddess. I was craving to work on a much more energetical & spiritual level.



And so the seed of The Art of Sensual Birthing was planted inside my womb. I got pregnant with this baby in early 2013 & I gave birth to it about 9 months later. Now I am a proud mama of a little nursling that needs a lot of my attention (I feel I could even try baby wearing my laptop).

Intending, dreaming & getting coaching have been crucial steps along this way.

My word of the year for 2014 is SELF-LOVE (Selbstliebe in German). That means that this year I will prioritize my own needs, wants & desires and find more ways to integrate fun & pleasure into my life & work. So stay tuned. 🙂

SelbstLiebe by Iwala

What´s your word of the year? Tell me in the comments! I´d love to know.

Love and Pleasure Kiria


Pictures by death to the stock photo, Selbstliebe sign by Jwala Gamper.


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