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Have You Ever Had An Orgasm That Was Too Much?

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This is a guest post by Deb Lange, Mentor, Nurturer, Friend & a specialist in helping people see what they can not see that is causing them to lower their game, play small, give up on their dreams or is the cause of stress and anxiety in their life. Today Deb is sharing her orgasmic birth story with us. Thank you, Deb!


Have you ever had an orgasm that was too much?

It felt so incredible you almost couldn’t handle it.


Well, I have and that was my experience giving birth!


Yes, and more people than you realise have this experience too!


If you are somebody who either does believe childbirth can be a wondrous experience or who wants to believe this, read on!

I believe female bodies are made to give birth so surely if we get our minds out of the way of our bodies, we can let our bodies do what they know how to do and give birth.


When I was pregnant I looked for a Doctor who would let my body do what it needed to do! I didn’t pick the right one the first time. This is critical. My Doctor decided to go away on holidays, so I had a new Doctor I had only met once and he was not “into” natural birth.

I loved being pregnant. I was one of those women who blossomed during pregnancy. I waited until very late to go to hospital after my contractions started. I chatted to my father in my home all afternoon and felt calm. By 8.00pm I said to my husband I think we had better go to hospital.

I now wish I had waited just a little longer.

The first thing the nurses did was examine me on my back. Whilst this was happening, the contractions became stronger and “they” thought I could not cope. Before I knew what was happening I was given a shot of pethidine and then in what seemed like a moment they said the baby was coming.

Have you ever been drugged and then tried to be active and present to your body?
Have you ever gone to the toilet lying on your back?

It is not a natural position for going to the toilet or giving birth. It is impossible to give birth drugged and on your back naturally! So, the next minute the doctor gave me an episiotomy and birthed Michael with forceps.

This was not the birth I had dreamed of for Michael.

For a start lying on my back increased the “feelings” of the contractions.

My body wanted to move, to stand, to walk, to kneel, anything but lie on my back!

I had handed over my power to the medical authorities without even knowing it and I definitely had no power now as I was drugged. The hospital gave me pethidine too late. They would have known not to give a drug just prior to birthing by how dilated I was, unfortunately, there are some medicos who prefer to have all the control over what is to happen and having people drugged makes it easier for them.

If I had been powerful enough to get straight up off the bed as soon as I had been examined I believe I would have had a very different birth.

It is strange birthing in a place where we are so used to handing our power over to medical authorities, it is like I felt paralysed into doing what they wanted and giving away my voice. This is why why it is so important to have chosen your team wisely. So they can be advocates for you to help you have what you want unless medically unsafe.

Giving birth is a wonderful life lesson in finding your power as a woman.

It is so empowering to say, “This is my body. My body wants to do this and for people to respect you.” I stayed in my power the second time.

For my first baby, I gave away my own power. I knew what I wanted but I was not strong enough to stand for what I wanted in the face of people who did not understand what you wanted. Of course having a new doctor did not help in this situation.

I vowed and declared that for the next birth I was going to have it my way.

Second time round I sought out a young woman doctor who had a farm, birthed animals and was present for home births. I chose to go to hospital, but I wanted a woman and someone who would honour what my body needed to do. She was a good choice.

She told me to watch out for the plug that comes out of the vagina before birthing. The plug, the slimy mucous that you find in your pants one day, came out one afternoon. I rang up everyone and said I was going to have my baby within 24 hours. I went out and visited family. All that night I had contractions that were absolutely fine, I moved, breathed and allowed my body to do what it needed to do without controlling my body. I was excited. At about 3am I said to my husband I think we need to go to the hospital. We rang the doctor; my parents arrived to look after Michael.

We met the doctor on arrival, she quickly examined me and then said I could do whatever I needed to do to birth my beautiful baby.

I got off the bed and I walked. I talked to my husband, leaned on him, I knelt on all 4’s and crawled along the floor, I swayed, I moved, I screamed.

Yes, I screamed. Not so much in pain but in ecstasy!

Have you ever had an orgasm that was so amazing you could almost not bare it to go on anymore?

I have, and that is what my contractions were like. Multiple orgasms of sheer ecstasy and with that came the need to moan, to groan and to scream just like when having an orgasm.

As I moved, moaned, groaned and screamed my body was easing my baby into position to come down the birth canal.

I remember going to the toilet. My body did feel like pushing, just like having a bowel movement. I remembered sensing the muscles expand and contract watching and sensing the physical sensations in my body knowing I was not my physical sensations. I didn’t want to have my baby in the toilet so I got up and went into the birthing room.
I said, “I think I am ready”.

I got down on all fours as I felt that was going to be the way my baby would be born. That didn’t feel quite right. The midwife asked if I would feel comfortable leaning against a bean bag. The next minute I was lying against the bean bag on the floor and my son’s Dad, Ian was easing David out of my body.

I watched all the time, tears of joy rolled down my cheeks when seeing Ian holding this slippery, bloody little bundle for the first time. Ian placed him on my chest and I snuggled my new born baby. David, had a gentle loving birth and has grown up to be a gentle, loving warrior. One of the new kind of men needed for a new era.

What a dream come true, a miracle. Giving birth naturally was one of my proudest moments and one of the best moments of my life.

Giving birth was the ultimate orgasm.

I felt completely normal. As I had no drugs I was ready to get in the car and go home with him straight away. It was 4.00 in the morning so the Doctor suggested staying in over night.
I felt so well I wished I had invited more of my family to the birth. I wanted to celebrate right then!
I stayed one night and I was so excited about bringing my new born baby home. I had energy, I felt well, he suckled well, he was calm and slept well.

If you have read this far I encourage you to keep reading the good stories.

Keep learning to sense your body and what it does without you needing to control.

I remember when I was pregnant noticing when I wanted a bowel movement allowing my body to do this naturally without any pushing, shoving or straining.

Noticing and sensing your body and what it can do without you thinking about it, is a critical part of the awareness of being able to birth naturally.

Our bodies are incredibly sophisticated. For the majority of people in the developed world we can give birth safely and allow our bodies to do what they know to do.

Listen to your body and you will be amazed at the wonder of what your body knows.

I would love to hear your questions about listening to your body. I coach people to sense their body awareness and find the wisdom from the messages from your body. If you would like to know more join me on my blog and sign up for free tips on how to get out of your head and into your body for a deep sensory, experience of life full of wisdom and insight.


Deb Lange

“Your body is talking to you, don’t wait any longer to learn to listen and understand the messages from your body.”
Deb Lange

Deb Lange is a passionate expert on accessing your Intuitive Body Wisdom to create relationships, life and business with heart and soul. She is a writer, speaker, personal and professional coach/facilitator for taking the pain out of relationships in your personal and business life so the best of you is brought to life. Deb combines her study from Masters Degrees in Social Ecology and Business Degrees in Human Development with her experiences learning from new and ancient wisdom globally.
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posted on 1/28/2014

Thanks Deborah – a beautiful story on the blissfulness of birth. And thanks Kiria for sharing!

After an unempowered hospital birth with multiple interventions, I was also determined to make my next birth something special. Armed with positive affirmations, CalmBirth meditation techniques, a supportive man, and a heart full of self-belief, we were blessed with a fabulous cruisy home birth which was full of intense affirming birth rushes and totally pain-free. When I was pregnant for the 3rd time I read a lot about orgasmic birth and decided I totally wanted one! 🙂 My youngest babe was recently born at home in a wave of blissful rushes and I distinctly remember feeling orgasmically high and thinking ‘wow, that feels AMAZING!’. I’m already keen to go again… after that experience, I am totally addicted to birth! x

posted on 1/28/2014

So beautiful Shalome! I am so happy to hear that. Congratulations on taking your strength, your Goddess power & your responsibility for your birth. It´s so wonderful to see what´s possible if women step into their power and assume authority. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

posted on 1/28/2014

I loved your story Shalome Doran. I would have loved to have given birth again. I have to be happy with birthing myself over and over again and helping others birth their ideas, their passions, their selves xxxx

posted on 6/8/2014

What an amazing story and journey of learning Deb. Thank you for sharing. This kind of experience is what we would wish for all women and their babies.

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