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Take Responsibility For Your Energy

Please take responsibility for the NRG

Heya Gorgeous!

In case you haven´t checked out my Bonus Material page, which you´ll find in the FOR YOU section, you should do it now.

I have just added this pretty little sign you see at the top that you can put on the door of your birthing room (or on any door you like).

Go to the growing Bonus Material page for a full size download! (click on the pink words)

The energy in the birthing room is very important for a successful birth.

Even scientists today know that the outcome of an event is highly influenced by the thoughts, energy & attitude of the people present. You only want to have people present that you trust, that make you feel good & people who believe that you can do it! Otherwise they should better leave the room until they can align with your vision!

Labor can become obstructed or even stop if there are people in the room you do not feel comfortable with.

I remember how, during my labor, the hospital´s bright lights, uniforms, strangers, and infantile rules about candles made me feel. I remember how the contractions slowed each time the nurses or doctor came into the room.
– Roanna Rosewood, Cut, Stapled & Mended*

So ask yourself:

– Where do I want to give birth?
– Where do I feel most relaxed, comfortable, safe and undisturbed?
– Who do I want to have in the room with me for the birth?
– Who are the people that really help me feel safe and supported and loved?
– What can those people say or do (or maybe not do) or protect me from to help me feel this way?


Choose your place of birth wisely.

Check out all of your options. Hospitals. Birth centers. Homebirth.

I recommend you find yourself a personal midwife and/or doula to accompany you.

Get to know her/them well before the birth.

Don´t have anyone at your labor who you wouldn´t poop in front of.
– Stella*

Giving birth naturally works best in an environment that you would like to make love in.

It´s that intimate.

You wouldn´t disturb anyone making love.

No one should disturb a woman giving birth either (as long as mommy & baby are doing fine).

So Lovely, here is another song for you to connect to your feminine, watery, ocean-like side:

Mother Ocean, wash me with your wisdom
Mother Ocean, wash me with your truth
Mother Ocean, wash me with your beauty
Calling me, calling you, calling woman, calling woman


You can always find this and other vidoes from my Sing With Me Series by clicking on the left image (Sing With Me) on this FOR YOU page! Have fun singing.


Love and Pleasure Kiria


* Roanna Rosewood: Cut, Stapled & Mended – When One Woman Reclaimed Her Body and Gave Birth on Her Own Terms After Cesarean

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