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Happy Self Love Day and Something Personal


happy self love day

Hello Dear One!

It´s Valentine´s Day again & I must say that I´m not really a fan of it.

I think it´s just a good marketing strategy for matching products but if I wanna make my honey a gift I´ll do it no matter what day it is.

Much of the Valentine´s stuff is toooo sugar coated for me anyway.


two days ago I decided to rename it & turn it into the “Happy Self Love Day”. I didn´t get to finish this post then and now I´m seeing everybody else talking about self love today.

First I thought: Oh no, that was my idea, now it´s gonna look like I copied it. (That´s because I´m having a crappy day today 🙁 )

But then I thought: It really is wonderful and shows that we´re all riding the same wave knowing that it´s uber important to love YOUSELF before you can love anybody else unconditionally.

If we do not love ourselves it´s always gonna be a pain game.

A drama.

A never ending story of who´s right or even better.

Well, I know what I´m talking about. And now we´re coming to why I´ve been having a crappy day.

I got into a fight with my husband last night. I was very emotional. I felt right.

But I also felt very miserable. And I did not manage to work it out.

I somehow rather wallowed in self-pity (yes, I tend to do that too occasionally).

And I slept alone (except for the cat and my daughter, who came at 3 a.m. with belly pain).

So this Valentine´s morning I woke up feeling miserable, knowing that it´s my own responsability (hubby off to work already, daughter still feeling sick).

And I couldn´t love myself for my feelings.

My stubbornness.

My always wanting to be right.

My sensitivity.

My emotionality.

My vulnerability.

My not-at-all-enlightenedness.

Then I decided to take responsibility for my condition & do a little EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

And this is what I want to share with you today. You can apply EFT to any problem in your life.


So, let´s do some tapping together:

Begin by think of a problem or an issue that is troubling you.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate it? (10 being the most troubling)

Choose a Set-up statement like

“Even though I have this/feel this (describe the problem), I deeply and completely love and accept myself”.

Repeat the Set-Up statement 3 x while tapping with your fingers on the Karate Chop point (at the side of your hand).

points claire hayes

Select a reminder phrase from the Set-Up that will help you to stay tuned in to the problem, e.g. “this problem”. Say it over and over while you tap about 7 times on each point from the crown of the head to under the bust. Then do the tapping sequence again.

Rate how troubling your problem is now. If it has gone down, repeat with a revised version of the set-up statement and reminder phrase (For example, “Even though I still have some of this ……”).

Check the level again.

Keep repeating until you are down to zero.

Take a couple of deep breaths. say THANK YOU & drink a big glass of water.

Feeling better? I do. 🙂

If you want to know more about EFT, you can check out Claire Hayes website
I have worked with Claire and she is a fantastic EFT practitioner that connects beautifully and deeply even via phone!


Before I go I´ve gotta tell you that I made a new Sing With Me video for you.

It´s the women´s circle song “Woman Am I” which perfectly matches todays “SELF LOVE DAY”.


Have a beautiful day!

Love and Pleasure Kiria


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