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Are You Harnessing The Power Of Your Breath?


Hello Dear One!

The power of your breath is not to be underestimated.

Especially concerning your birth experience.

Of course you are breathing all the time without anybody telling you to do so.

But there are many different qualities in the way we breathe.

When we are scared we tend to hold our breath or it gets very shallow.

When we are excited or arroused it gets faster and deeper.

When we move our body it gets deeper and faster too.


During pregnancy and birth you have to breathe for your own oxygen supply and for that of your little one too.
So it is very useful if you have a big breathing capacity.
During a birth wave when the uterine muscles contract the baby gets less oxygen for a moment.
This is o.k. and the baby can usually handle it very well but it´s great if you can breathe deeply through those waves and give your baby a nice additional oxygen shower afterwards.

Learning to breathe deeply into your belly and sides and into certain areas of your body consciously is very beneficial for the birth process, for your birth experience and for the baby.

Furthermore it is a great tool to help you release stress and vitalize your body.

It is a fact that you can learn to reach orgasmic states simply through breathing.

Today I have recorded a simple breathing technique I call the “Goddess Breath” for you to start to experiment more with your breathing.

Note: If you are not used to breathing deeply you might feel a little dizzy when you first try it. So take it easy, start slowly and gently build it up. Always be gentle with yourself.



You can also find this and other exercise videos in the FOR YOU section under Exercises.
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Love and Pleasure Kiria



posted on 3/11/2014

Oh Kiria, I love your work and even though I have had two wonderful birth experiences, I wish I had met you a little earlier in my life to deepen my experience. Sending you lots of love and many women daring to enjoy the beauty of pregnancy and birth!

posted on 3/12/2014

Thank you, Petra! So happy to hear you had two beautiful births.
Love & Pleasure to You

posted on 3/12/2014

Hello Kiria, you have such a lovely and relaxing way to teach this. I think most people underestimate the power of breathing – it is such a natural and easy way to fill the body with vital energy. Your work is important. Wish I had already known you when I gave birth to my daughter 🙂

posted on 3/13/2014

Thanks for the wonderful breath exercise. It is amazing how much we can tap into our deepest part with attention on breath! xo

posted on 3/13/2014

Thank you, Sandra and Kathleen! Yes, the breath is such a simple yet very effective tool to more vitality, relaxation and also sensuality. It doesn´t cost anything to use it more. We just need the selflove to harness it. And it connects us to our essence, our core immediately.

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