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Kiria Vandekamp 11.03.2014
Hello Lovelies,

I just participated in the wonderful Holly Sugrue´s 15 day “Zero to Video Hero Challenge” and had lots of fun. We did a short video every day and one of those you´re gonna get to see today.

In this video I´m gonna give you 3 Tips to Feel More Sensuous in just 3 minutes. Of course it´s nice to expand this time frame a bit and revel in your sensuality a little longer. But I know your days as a mom or mom-to-be are quite full so I´m keeping it short.

As a woman in general but especially as a mother it is essential to connect to your vibrant core energy on a regular basis (everyday would be awesome). We need this to stay connected to our juicy essence, vibrant health and cheerful wellbeing.

Our sexual energy is at the center of the medicine wheel of life.

It influences all the other areas of our life & wellbeing, the emotional, the physical (and material/financial), the mental and the spiritual.


That´s why it´s so important to treasure your sexual/sensual energy.

Sexual energy in this sense doesn´t only mean sexual intercorse or masturbation the meaning is far greater than that.

It´s your energetic connecting to the Everything, to life itself.

It´s the pure life force energy flowing through your system.

It´s how you connect to your core and how you interact with life and all beings.

So, ladies, let´s get juicy again!

Drink in the zest of life. Revell in your aliveness. Breathe. Touch. Enjoy.


(Sorry, Girls, because I included Alicia Keys´ song “Fallin” in the video YouTube added some adds to my video. I didn´t do this. Actually I don´t like those adds either.)


Love and Pleasure Kiria



posted on 3/17/2014

Nice video, Kiria! Thanks for the tips – and I didn’t see any adds by Alicia Keys btw.

posted on 3/17/2014

So true that the word ‘sensual’ often leaves out the fact that it is as simple as using each of our senses, at any point of the day, whatever we are doing. It’s an outlook on life.

posted on 3/18/2014

Thank you Julia & Caroline, yes it starts very simple. We have to come to our senses. 😉 The thing is we have to DO it, not think about it. It´s simple and we have all that we need. It´s about selfworth and selflove. Are you worth taking the time to feel more sensuous and enjoy life more. Have a sensuous day!

posted on 3/18/2014

Adorable : i breath with you sister, for happy babies, mothers, women and …

posted on 3/18/2014

Thank you, sister! Let us always remember to breathe deeply whenever we get tense.

posted on 3/19/2014

Kiria, I love your work and energy. So beautiful!

posted on 3/19/2014

I couldn’t help smiling throughout your video. You are so enjoying yourself, aren’t you? 🙂 So inspiring, thank you, Kiria

posted on 3/20/2014

You´re welcome, Petra! Yes, it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it. I, too, need to remind myself of taking little pleasure breaks, especially when I´m working a lot. And I have found that the more I practice, the easier it gets to tune in to a sensual energy quickly. 🙂


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