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What Does Sex Have To Do With Birth?

Kali giving birth
Q & A with Kiria

Today I´m going to give you a short 3 minute answer to a question I get asked very often:

What does Sex have to do with birth?

A lot of people have never thought about this or heard about it apart from the fact that you need sex (in most cases) to make a baby.

But sexual energy in the birthing room? Oooh. That´s a little too much for many folks.


Maybe it´s because they never heard about it.

Maybe it´s because this is (unfortunately) not being taught in school.

Maybe it´s because there usually are other people present in the room when you give birth and most people don´t like that for their sexual activities.

Maybe it´s because when they think of birth they only think of pain and suffering and do not have any positive role models of pleasurable and joyful birth experiences.

Maybe it´s because they judge their sexuality as being kind of dirty and don´t want it to interfere with a precious innocent newborn.

I believe that both birth and sex are natural, beautiful & sacred.

Every human being deserves to have the best possible start in life.

The way we are birthed does make a difference in how we perceive life and whether we think life is inherently safe & good to us or always hard & dangerous.

Birth does have the potential to be a pleasurable, joyful and even ecstatic journey.

Here is the video for you:


What do you think about the connection between sex and birth? Feel free to tell me in the comments below.

Love and Pleasure Kiria



posted on 5/11/2014

The same energy, the same passion and effort and ‘overwhelmedness’ that comes with good sex is the type of head space mamma should be reaching for during labor. Not to mention the fact that the same tissues and nerve endings and autonomic responses are used and stimulated in both activities. There are rhythmic muscle spasms, lubrication, heightened awareness and sensitivity, and a whole lot of nerve stimulus.

posted on 5/11/2014

Thank you, Rebecca, you´re right on!

posted on 5/13/2014

Great video as always, Kiria. I wish I’d known the connection between birth and sex before my birth experience 🙂 Your visionary way is that of a leader!
Love, Petra

posted on 5/14/2014

Yes, I know, Petra, I didn´t know it when I gave birth either. Unfortunately they don´t teach this in school – not yet 😉
Thank you, Sandra & Chris!
Kirstin, it´s always great to get to know something mind altering ahead of time because our system usually needs some time to get acquainted to those new thoughts to integrate them into the body.

posted on 5/13/2014

Thank you, Kiria, your work is really important, for the mothers and the kids!

posted on 5/13/2014

I love your well-balanced site and your videos are awesome too!

posted on 5/13/2014

Thank you, Kiria for this thought – I am not a mother yet so this will be very valuable for my future 🙂 I really like the way you speak, there is so much relexation in your voice. Thanks a lot!

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