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Getting To Know Your Pleasure Temple, Part I: Introduction

Yoni Tree. Kiria Vandekamp


To connect with your sensuality it is necessary for us women to get to know our very own pleasure temple.

What is your pleasure temple?

It´s your most sacred space, your Yoni.

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the female genitals and encompasses not only the vulva (outer part), but also the vagina (inner part) and even your womb space.

In my work with women I am finding that it is hard for many to connect with their sensuality deeper because they do not have a loving relationship with their Yoni.

She has to do her work and function well, we like her for some pleasure but did you ever take the time to get to know her?

I mean really know her?

Know her as a being?

A being you can talk to, like your best friend?

Do you know her wildest dreams and desires, fears and pain, things she likes and dislikes and all the stuff she has to say?

Well, I can tell you, she is a great teacher and it is worth taking the time to connect with her.

Watch today´s video and join me in a little exercise.

Before you start find a comfortable place to lie down so you´re ready to start.


Did you join me? What did it feel like?
Did she have something to say you´d like to share? Leave a comment below.

Love and Pleasure Kiria




posted on 5/28/2014

Hi Kiria,

thanks for sharing and this exercise! I found it very enlightening to listen – I should dance more often!!! Thx 😉

posted on 5/28/2014

Thanks, Anja! Wonderful that you took the time to listen. Have fun dancing! 🙂

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