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Getting To Know Your Pleasure Temple, Part II: Anatomy

Sacred Entrance. Kiria Vandekamp klein

In our quest to get acquainted with our sacred temple, our womb space, our Yoni, we are going one step further today.

Since those are all part of your body you do know them in some way.

But most women do not take the time to really get to know their anatomy and to fumble around with a childlike curiosity to find out what´s there and what it feels like. On the outside and on the inside.

If you want to claim your devine feminine power, your pleasure and your sexuality it is crucial to learn about your female anatomy, to feel it and to occupy it energetically.

Because oftentimes we know our body superficially but not from deep down inside. We have difficulties to be really present in our very own bodies.

Your body stores all the pain and tension you have ever experienced in your life. And it remembers it when you consciously go there with awareness and touch.

Especially in our vagina and womb space there´s often a lot of old unpleasant stuff burried in the tissue.

This can but doesn´t have to come from any kind of sexual abuse. It can come from emotional abuse too and from any kind of heavy or longterm stress or fear. When we´re stressed or in fear we tend to tense our pelvic floor muscles and hold our breath. In this way we kind of seal this unpleasant memory into our cells.

As women we are receivers of energy and the place we receive with is our 1.Chakra, our root, located between our legs.

Sheranda Ann Kumara. Rainbow Spider Woman. First chakra.

I haven´t met a woman yet who had no blocks or pain stored in her Yoni.

We all need healing here.

And it takes time, patience, gentleness, love.

But it is so worth it for you as a woman who wants to own her womanhood, her feminine power and live in harmony with yourself, life and others.

It is important if you want to become pregnant because this space in you will be the space that nurtures your baby and this can get difficult when there is a lot of pain and resentment stored in your sacred temple. Children´s souls sense and remember everything.

And when you have unresolved trauma hidden in your Yoni or womb it will definitely come up during birth at the latest. So you might as well face it ahead of time make friends with your body and with your past.

Learn to forgive yourself, life and others. In this order.

O.k., so let´s start with the outside of your body and some steps towards getting a feel for your pelvic anatomy.

Close the door, turn off the phone and find a comfortable place to lie down. Don´t worry, you don´t have to get naked (unless you want to).

Here is a video for you to follow along:


How do you feel now? How is your connection to your pelvis? Did anything come up for you? Share your thoughts & experiences in the comments below!

Love and Pleasure Kiria


Top:“Sacred Entrance” by Kiria Silke Vandekamp. Photo by Kiria Silke Vandekamp
Middle: Silk Painting “The Root Chakra ‘Rainbow Spider Woman'” by Sheranda Ann Kumara from The Seven Chakras Collection ~ First Chakra.
You can get it here:


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posted on 6/29/2014

Hello Kiria! I just bought the book “vagina” from Naomi Wolf. There is a lot to discover for women to get their power back and you are a great support.

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