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Getting To Know Your Pleasure Temple, Part III: Take A Look

Ton-Yoni. Kiria Vandekamp


Dear beautiful woman,

so you are on the journey to discovering your pleasure temple with me.

Brave you are. Wonderful you are. Beautiful you are.

We all come into this world through a vagina – well – at least we used to. She´s like the great final gateway between this world and the otherworld.

She´s a place of miracles.

She´s a place of pleasure.

She has about 8,000 nerve endings coming together at your clitoris just for the sake of sheer pleasure (no other body part has that!).

She´s beautiful and divine.

We should feel inspired to thank God/Goddess every day for this wonderful, generous gift, don´t you think?

Yet for many she´s also a place of shame and sometimes even pain.

Did you know that in German the name for “pubic” is “Scham” meaning shame? Like in pubic hair = Schamhaar = shame hair. Hmmm…, I wonder if that´s why people are shaving it off nowadays…. 😉

Well, I didn´t invent the name and I like to use others like “venus hair”, “goddess hair”.

Did you ever take the time to look at your pleasure temple, your Yoni?

Now I don´t mean in an advanced Yoga pose where you risk your back to break. No.

Did you ever take a handmirror to take a really good look at your vulva (that´s the outer part of your lady parts; your vagina is the inner part, the birth canal)?

If not, well then I invite you today to be brave and just do it!

Women tend to know less about their intimate parts then men do.

Well, we cannot see them as easily, that part is obvious. But you know as a woman I think you should be the one who knows best what you look like, what you feel like, how you like to be touched and how not. So you gotta find out.

You might wanna take a look at the video in this Huff Post article where someone asked women who had never seen their vulvas if they where willing to take a look and filmed their reactions. It´s touching.

You can do it standing with one foot on the bathtub, a chair, your bed or else so you can get a better look. Or even squat over a mirror you lay on the ground.

But I recommend you make yourself a little more comfortable and enjoy the whole thing.


So here is how you do it:

Take a mirror and maybbe even a flashlight and put them next to your bed. Wash your hands. Then sit on the bed and support your back with pillows. Bend your knees, place your feet near your bottom. Push your bottom a little bit forward while you lean slightly backward. Spread your knees apart so you can see your Yoni.

Hold or prop the mirror in front of you. Look at the beauty between your legs. She looks like no other. Every Yoni is unique. So don´t compare her to others. There is a very wide range of what is considered normal.

What´s important is to find out what´s normal for you.

Have the light reflect off the mirror so you can clearly see your vulva and vaginal entrance (introitus). Use your fingers to spread apart the vaginal lips.

If you adjust the light and mirror you can even see a bit into the vaginal canal. You will be able to see the reddish pink walls of the vagina, which have small folds or ridges.

The vaginal tissue is folded like an accordion. That´s great for giving birth because the tissue there doesn´t have to stretch so much it rather unfolds when the baby comes through.


From Our Bodies Ourselves (great site if you need more information)


There´s also an awesome australian website called the Labia Library where you can see other vulvas and find more information about your own, too.

labia library


If you think your labia are too big, too long, too thick or too whatsoever (which they are probably not) you might benefit from visiting The Large Labia Project´s website.



Take your time getting to know her better.

Now that you´re looking at her you might want to talk to her like we did in the previous exercises in Part I and Part II of this series.

You can ask her what she wants & likes, what her desires are and what she would like to explore with you.

Honor your sacred temple!

Mesa. Yonis.2

This is a part of my Goddess altar with 3 Yonis. 🙂


Love and Pleasure Kiria


Recommended reading & links:

Naomi Wolf. Vagina – A New Biography
Eve Ensler. The Vagina Monologues
More pictures and lots of infos about vulvas & vaginas 3D Vulva
More pictures of vulvas at Betty Dodson

Picture & artwork at the top of Yoni made of clay by Kiria S. Vandekamp

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