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Getting To Know Your Pleasure Temple, Part IV: Get In Touch




Hey lovely,

today I want to invite you to move a step further in getting to know your pleasure temple, your yoni, or vulva & vagina a little more.

Today I ask you to “get in touch” with her by actually touching her, saying hello with your hands and fingers, getting to know the most intimate part of your body a little more.

It may be that these steps I propose to you here in this blog series seem very slow to you or it may be that they seem very fast to you or maybe they are just at the right speed for you depending on your own history and the relationship you have with your body.

I myself like to go fast at times and slow at other times and I´ve found that sometimes when I´ve gone fast I´ve missed some important pieces along the way that are worth exploring.

That´s why I recommend to rather slow down and consciously take it step by step with an open beginners mind.

The simplest exercises can be the best and have the most transformational effect if you do them consciously and fully aware and present.

So, take it slow. Take your time.



Find yourself a comfortable, warm space where you will not be disturbed for at least the next 30-45 minutes.

Turn off all distractions (phone, tv, computer, acoustic notifications, etc.)

If you like you can prepare your room with a nice scent, a candle or soft light, good music…

Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Turn your attention inwards and downwards. Breathe into your belly.

Slowly take off your clothes. If you like put on a top that makes you feel more sensual and feel the fabric on your skin.

Run your hands over your skin from head to toes like you want to bless your own body with love flowing through your hands.

Lie down comfortably with a big pillow under your head so that you can easier reach your yoni. Bend your knees, feet touching the ground (mattress…)

Relax. Breathe into your belly, filling it with the inhale, making it big like a balloon and letting go with the exhale. Imagine while breathing out how all tension in your body flows out and into the earth. She will take care of it.

Put your left hand over your heart (that´s the receiving hand) and your right hand over your pubic bone and vulva (that´s the giving hand). Concentrate on the energy circuit you are creating here.

Breathe in feeling your heart center, breathe out sending energy from your heart into your left arm, let it travel up through your arm, into your right arm and with the next inhale let it reach your right hand passing it on to your yoni, breathing it in and pulling it up to your heart. With your exhale start again to send the energy from your heart into your hand and so on. Continue to do this for a couple of nice deep long breaths.


Now turn your attention towards your yoni and begin to gently and consciously explore what your skin feels like in different places. Do not try to stimulate her but with the mind of an adventurer visiting a new and unknown country see how it feels when you touch her here and there.

Play with different kinds of touch using just your fingertips, fingers or the whole hand, a feather-like touch, a little pressure with your whole hand, stroking in different places, gently massaging your labia between your fingers etc.

Be open to what happens. The intention is not necessarily to arouse you and have an orgasm. But if in the end this is what you want that´s fine. Don´t make it a goal. Explore your body in a new way. Resist just doing what you know works to turn you on easily.

Stay conscious. Stay relaxed. Without a goal.

I wonder how it feels like when I touch here in this way? Aha…

Mmh.. and what about here… hm… that feels interesting… maybe a little tense even…

Ah… if I use my breath and breathe deeply into this spot it relaxes and the feeling changes…

Oh… this feels good… mmh… it´s not so easy to stay relaxed here, oooh… o.k. I keep on breathing… relaxing my pelvis… ah, and the energy expands beautifully…

There´s a spot that´s a bit painful… I´ll stay there gently alowing myself to feel what´s there……. oh, there´s sadness… I didn´t know… I even feel my eyes watering… oh… that´s o.k…. I´ll let them flow… mh… it feels good to be genle with myself and being in touch with my body… I´d like to put my hand over my yoni again… yes… that feels good.. safe and protected…

Now I´m ready to explore a little more……

Sometimes there can be spots that feel numb or painful even though you´re not applying a lot of pressure. Stay there with a delicate touch or even a porous contact and send your breath into this area until you feel the energy has shifted and it feels more relaxed.

Don´t be afraid of the numbness or feeling nothing – there´s usually some new aliveness underneath.

If you tried this exercise please share your insights in the comments below!

Have fun exploring 🙂

Love and Pleasure Kiria

Featured image from wikipedia Sheela Na Gig

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