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7 Safe Natural Ways For Treating A Cold

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It´s the time of year again where everybody and their dog is getting a cold, the flu or else.

So I thought I´ll share my favorite tips & natural remedies with you.

All around me people are coughing and sneezing. Women call me cause they can´t come to the prenatal course or the postpartum pelvic floor strengthening course or have to cancel their appointment because they´re feeling so bad.

And they always ask me what they can do or take that´s safe in pregnancy and for breastfeeding because they don´t want their little darling to get all those chemicals. Of course not.

So, here you go.

If you can prevent it you better not get sick in the first place.

What do I do to not get sick?


I learned this practice from my mother who has been doing this since my childhood to detox and prevent sickness. I highly recommend it for the times when a lot of people around you are becoming sick or if you feel like getting sick or any time for prevention. Some women even use it to get rid of MORNING SICKNESS and it improves dental health.

This is an ancient ayurvedic practice for rejuvenation and detoxification called kavala graha. By swishing it in your mouth for a few minutes the saliva can trap the toxins within the oil particles and when you´re done you spit it out. Siberian shamans have been said to have practised oil pulling with sunflower oil for more than a century,too.

In this study oil pulling reduced the amount of Streptococcus mutans in plaque and saliva.

As you can see below there have even been books written about this topic.

Oil Pulling

How to do it:

Every morning, on an empty stomach, you take about 1/2 -1 tablespoon of plant oil into your mouth and swish it around there for about 10-20 minutes. You can use sunflower, olive, sesame or coconut oil – those are the ones I´ve tried.

I know it feels a bit yukky at first but you´ll get over it. Just vigorously move that oil in your mouth and through your teeth.

Don´t swallow it! It turns whitish and becomes more fluid and hopefully full of the toxins you want to get rid of. When you´re done spit it in the garbage – it could clog your sink drain.

I do it first thing in the morning when I go in the shower and by the time I´m done and dry or even dressed I spit it out, rinse my mouth and brush my teeth.

While other ways of detoxifying are not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as far as I know as a midwife, this is safe all the time because it just takes the toxins out of your mouth and a healthy mouth has a lot to do with a healthy body.

One of my best friends, a gynaecologist, swears on oil pulling too.
So why not give it a try?


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Tip #2 My miracle tea

This tea can vary a little bit but my favorite ingredients are:

  • Fresh lemon juice from 1/2 -1 lemon (Vitamin C)
  • Fresh ginger root (not with preterm labour)
  • Fresh peppermint (not while breastfeeding – may reduce milk)
  • Goji berries (full of antioxidants)
  • Honey, agave syrup or stevia to taste
  • Hot water

I recommend organic ingredients.

If you don´t have everything even the lemon and ginger as a tea is great.

This will really boost your immune system.


Tip #3 Apple Cider Vinegar

Take 1-2 tablespoons of raw, organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a glass of water 1-3 times a day (depending on whether you do it as a cure or prevention).

Use the unfiltered one, the others don´t work, e.g. BRAGG (“with the mother”, yes, the stuff on the bottom of the bottle, that´s the good stuff).

If you can´t get it down like that you might try it with some apple juice to cover the taste.

It also boosts your immune system.

You can find lots of other things on the web apple cider vinegar is beneficial for.


Tip #4 Wet Socks Treatment

This one sounds a little gross too, but it´s one of my favorite and best working remedies for a cold that´s creeping in and it even works to get better faster when you already caugt one.

You can even do this with your little ones!

All you need are two pairs of socks and cold water. I recommend you take one pair made of cotton and one pair made of wool (natural fibres recommended).

Do this right before you go to bed.

Soak the cotton socks in ice cold water, wring them out so they do not drip and put them on your feet (yes, I know, that´s the yukky part).

Put on the dry woolen socks over the wet cotton socks. Then go to bed immediatly and stay there. Leave the socks on overnight.

Some people recommend warming up the feet with a hot bath and putting the socks in the fridge. Your feet should be warm when you put on the cold socks.

Your body will increase circulation and blood flow to warm up your feet again and the socks get dry within a few hours. This way your immune response is increased and your lymph flow is activated and cleanses your whole system.

If you sweat a lot during that night it´s good to change your pajamas.

It works great with the common cold, the flu and even with fever. Repeat each night as necessary.

When I start at the earliest symptoms I can often prevent my kids from getting sick.

bodhi timer

Tip #5 Rest

Even if it may not look like it this is one of the most important tips on the list!

Are you getting enough rest and regenerating time?

Or are you exhausting yourself putting yourself last in line of the people you care for.

I highly recommend you catch the goddess train around 9 p.m. to shut down gracefully (yes, darling, your computer too) and go to bed until 10 p.m. The Ayurveda teaches this and modern science analysing our hormonal balance (or imbalance) supports this view. If you stay up late it raises your cortisol levels (stress hormones) and even promotes weight gain (and who wants that ;-)?).

According to Ayurveda the energy of the time at which you start something greatly influences the quality of the matter. The time before 10 p.m. is kapha time and helps you sleep well. If you stay up longer you will very likely experience a raising of your energy again and you could go on until the early morning. I know I can. But I feel horrible when I need to get up early the next morning.

Ayurveda also recommends to get up before 6 a.m. in the morning because the energy quality is rather vibrant, light or even elated and you will carry this energy into your day.

I have found that for me those two only work together. If I don´t go to bed until 10 p.m. regularly I´m having a hard time to get up at 6 a.m. (which I have to on weekdays). But if I do it´s just fine.


My other tip here comes from my Kundalini Yoga practice. Kundalini Yoga recommends all women to rest about 11 minutes twice a day. Sounds easier than it is. I usually make it onece a day but I feel so much better if I do it than if I don´t.

Do not sleep/rest longer than 20 minutes during the day (unless you have a massive sleep deficiency) or you will most likely feel rather tired and knocked up.

Lie down on your back with your legs apart a little bit and your spine straight. If you´re pregnant past the ~ 28 week lay on your left side. Cover your body with a blanket.

Slowly turn your attention inwards. Breathe deeply into your belly. Allow yourself with every exhale to sink a little bit deeper into relaxation.

I set myself a timer on my smartphone (Bodhi Timer app) that has a nice gong sound to get me back.

Bodhi Timer or alternatives.


Tip #6 Emotional Clearing

Check in with yourself how you would benefit from getting sick?

Do you need a time out? Rest?

Have you been working too much?

Is there a conflict that´s costing you energy?

Is it all just getting too much to take?

What is draining your energy?

What do you want to flee from?

When I take the time to reflect on this I usually find out why my body wants a little time out. And often I can find other ways to care for myself, to give my body what it needs, to regenerate or to say “NO” to something that is just too much. And I always combine this with tip #7.


Tip #7 Health Mantra

This is a mantra or affirmation that I learned probably 20 years ago and it stuck with me.

I love it and use it often.

It helps me whenever I don´t feel good and am able to recognize what´s going on, what I need or need to get rid of and can make the inner decision to stay healthy.

In German:

Alle meine Körperzellen erfüllen ihre Aufgaben in vollkommener Art und Weise.

My English translation:

All the cells of my body are performing their duties in a totally perfect manner.

Now you know my best natural self-help tips that are safe even for pregnancy and breastfeeding time. I hope you enjoyed them.

Have you tried any of these tips yourself? What are your best tips for prevention or treatment? Please share with us in the comments below!

Love and Pleasure Kiria



posted on 12/10/2014

Great tips!

Although I am not pregnant many of these suggestions are excellent for any woman who wants to take really good care of her body or give herself a little extra care to prevent illness or speed recovery.

posted on 12/10/2014

Love it! The oil pulling and the emotional clearing is so essential for me.

posted on 12/16/2014

Liebe Kiria, Du weise Zauberfrau!
Ganz herzlichen Dank, Deine Hinweise kamen genau zum richtigen Zeitpunkt und wir konnten auch gut Halschmerzen & Co “abfangen” und schauen, was so los ist. Mein Mann ergänzte die Maßnahmen noch um die Nasendusche am Morgen;) und ich mit großzügigen Knoblauchgaben im Essen. Unser Kleiner hatte zwar ein paar Tage eine rote Nase, aber der Husten war gleich weg als wir Erwachsenen uns mal gut behandelt haben:). Ich wünsche Dir und Deinen Lieben eine gesegnete und zaubervolle Zeit “zwischen den Jahren”. Danke, dass Du so großzügig und liebevoll teilst. Antje

posted on 12/17/2014

Danke, Antje! Tja, jetzt brauche ich meine Tipps auch selber wieder, da mich auch das Halsweh “angeflogen” hat und so bin ich mit nassen Socken ins Bett. Und ja, Nasenspülungen und Knoblauch sind auch topp! Euch auch eine segensreiche Zeit

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