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Completing Your Year In Style


It´s coming to an end.

This year.

I hope it was a good year for you. Was it?

It was for me.

A year full of ups & downs, highs & lows, gifts & challenges.

A normal year & a special year.

A year that leaves me feeling blessed and full of gratitude.

I am grateful…

I am grateful for my wonderful family even if they drive me nuts sometimes.

I am grateful for my husband even though we get in a fight here and there (he is an awesome mirror & teacher).

I am grateful for a beautiful mother-daughter holiday in Portugal this year and two gorgeous love-holidays with my husband in Spain and France.

I am grateful for my parents who gave life to me and are still hale and hearty.

I am grateful for the wonderful people I got to serve this year, women, men and babies. One day before Christmas I happily finished my 15th 8-week prenatal course for couples.

I am grateful for my body even if it is not as healthy as I would like it to be. But that´s just relative. I just talked to a midwifery colleague who just got diagnosed with liver cancer. So I´m praying for her, grateful to be this healthy.

I am grateful for you being part of my tribe, inviting me into your world. It means a lot to me. Thank you from my heart.

I am grateful for my assistant Claudia who started to helps me with office work now and for Dita, my new cleaner, who ensures that our house is looking the way I like it even though I work a lot and can´t always take care of it myself. I decided this year that it would do me good to get some help. And I love it!

Claudia Hi, I´m Claudia. Nice to meet you.

If you want to attract more of the goodness in your life express more gratitude for the things you already have.

Never underestimate the power of gratitude.

To come to completion with this waning year I always do some internal work.

So, I wrote a list of all the things that feel incomplete and am looking which are the most important ones and how I can find completion with them. Is there anything to do, to say, to let go of?

And I try to do that.

Yesterday I have written two messages to people I had failed to communicate something important to. One was a more of a confession and one was more of a love letter. Both were important and have gotten great resonance.

And there is another one waiting to be written to a family member that I´m having a conflict with. It´s important to me to do this to end this year well.

What´s on your list of unresolved or incomplete things?

Ask yourself:

I wonder how I could bring this to completion?

Maybe you know it right away, maybe it needs a little baking.

When you know it, do it.

Don´t drag it into the new year with you. It´ll only cost you energy.

And I wrote a list of things and emotions that I´m ready to let go of and I really went into them once more and when I was ready to release them I burned the piece of paper. On the plate you can see the ashes.


Afterwards I brought them outside and gave the to the earth beneath a tree in our garden.

The earth is so good at composting old stuff!



For the end of this year I have a gift for you.

It´s a pretty done-for-you funsheet to complete your year of 2014 in style and intent for your most wonderful, magical, powerful, sensual, sexy, successful, fertile (or whatever you desire) year ever. Yippie!

Gorgeous 2015

Click on the image and download the pdf to your computer, print it out and play with it.

Do this now.

Don´t procrastinate or the year will be over in the blink of an eye, my dear! 😉

You might wanna have a glass of champagne with it or like me a non-alcoholic organic rose Appléritif (Clostermann) – mmh!


If you are longing for some ceremonial woo woo stuff to do check out my post about Spiritual House Cleaning & the 12 Nights.

What are you grateful for? What is your New Years completion ritual?
Please share in the comments below!

Lovely, thank you for being in my world!

I wish you a Happy New Year & may all your dreams come true!

Love and Pleasure Kiria


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