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Earthmother Receptivity Prayer

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When I was pregnant with my daughter an older woman shared a prayer with me as a gift to support me on my journey.

This prayer has become very dear to my heart and has accompanied and supported me for many years.

It has helped me to open to the power of receiving.

Receiving and receptivity are devine feminine traits.

Still it is rather difficult for many women to open and receive.

Many of us are often trapped in the giving mode not able to really take in all the good things that are offered by life or others.

So this prayer is for you.

May it support you in your life and on your path the same way it did me or even deeper.

May you be able to ground yourself, connect to Mother Earth or Grandmother Earth, as we say in my spiritual tradition, and open up your heart, mind, spirit and soul to all the good things in this universe.

I know that the earth is my mother

and that she nurtures & supports me

like she does with all of creation.

I open up

to receive

all the gifts

that have been waiting for me

since the beginning of time.

Say it out loud until you really feel it and do an opening gesture with your hands in front of you or on your lap so that your palms are facing upwards opening to the sky.

Hold this posture for a moment, consciously breathing in all the goodness that is there for you.

Blessed be.
Love and Pleasure Kiria


P.S. Do you have a special prayer that you love? If so, please share it with us in the comments. I´d love to know.


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