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Earthmother Receptivity Prayer

6/11/2015 | 0 Comments »

    When I was pregnant with my daughter an older woman shared a prayer with me as a gift to support me on my journey. This prayer has become very dear to my heart and has accompanied and supported me for many years. It has helped me to open to the power of receiving. […]

5 Steps to Sexy Dancing (that you can implement for birth)

3/4/2015 | 5 Comments »

    Guestpost by Sarah Haykel   You know what pisses me off? All these “sexy dance classes” for women. From what I’ve heard, you sign up. Maybe you’re served chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. Then, you’re taught a “sexy” dance routine by a professional dancer. And in an hour or two, it’s over and […]

Celebrating Self-Love

2/13/2015 | 2 Comments »

    No matter if you are in a relationship or not. Make tomorrow, Valentine´s Day, you day of celebrating LOVE in general but especially the love for yourself. That´s usually the most difficult one. Isn´t it? It´s often much easier to love others than ourselves. Women tend to be very harsh with their inner […]

In 2015, Life

Imbolc Greetings

2/4/2015 | 0 Comments »

    Hi Dear It´s Imbolc, the day to celebrate the first little signs of spring. As a Gift for this day of Re-Awakening, I share with you, my Sisters, this beautiful piece sent to me by a friend. I am the dream of awakening. I am the returning of the light. I am the […]

Completing Your Year In Style

12/30/2014 | 0 Comments »

  It´s coming to an end. This year. I hope it was a good year for you. Was it? It was for me. A year full of ups & downs, highs & lows, gifts & challenges. A normal year & a special year. A year that leaves me feeling blessed and full of gratitude. I […]

12 Awesome Gift Ideas For A Pregnant Woman (or for your own wish list)

12/17/2014 | 1 Comment »

So the Christmas countdown is running and in case you don´t know what to gift your pregnant girlfriend or you don´t know what you yourself desire for Christmas, here´s my list of awesome gift ideas.   Awesome Pregnancy Gift Ideas 1. Hire a cleaner With a big belly housecleaning can become very demanding and apart […]

7 Safe Natural Ways For Treating A Cold

12/8/2014 | 4 Comments »

  It´s the time of year again where everybody and their dog is getting a cold, the flu or else. So I thought I´ll share my favorite tips & natural remedies with you. All around me people are coughing and sneezing. Women call me cause they can´t come to the prenatal course or the postpartum […]

Get Your Sensuous Quickie Now

3/15/2014 | 9 Comments »

    Hello Lovelies, I just participated in the wonderful Holly Sugrue´s 15 day “Zero to Video Hero Challenge” and had lots of fun. We did a short video every day and one of those you´re gonna get to see today. In this video I´m gonna give you 3 Tips to Feel More Sensuous in […]

Are You Harnessing The Power Of Your Breath?

3/10/2014 | 5 Comments »

    Hello Dear One!   The power of your breath is not to be underestimated.   Especially concerning your birth experience.   Of course you are breathing all the time without anybody telling you to do so.   But there are many different qualities in the way we breathe.   When we are scared […]

Happy Self Love Day and Something Personal

2/12/2014 | 0 Comments »

    Hello Dear One! It´s Valentine´s Day again & I must say that I´m not really a fan of it. I think it´s just a good marketing strategy for matching products but if I wanna make my honey a gift I´ll do it no matter what day it is. Much of the Valentine´s stuff […]

Secret Energy From Your Pelvic Floor

1/19/2014 | 4 Comments »

  Q & A Day Today I am answering a question I got asked recently by a client. She had been reading about pelvic floor exercises and was a little irritated about different suggestion on when to contract your pelvic floor muscles – while inhaling or while exhaling? Pelvic floor exercises are often referred to […]

Your Best Year Ever

1/4/2014 | 0 Comments »

    Hello gorgeous Soul, happy New Year! Did you have a relaxing start of the year & are enjoying it so far? I hope so. And I hope this is going to be your best year ever! I´m cooking up great things to create for you this year like an upcoming eBook about sensual […]

Spiritual House Cleaning & The 12 Nights

12/23/2013 | 0 Comments »

    We´ll soon be entering the 12 nights after Christmas now which is a sacred time in the old european tradition.   A time between the worlds. Nights of blessings.   A time where it is said that the wild “Percht” & her entourage is rushing around outside. Stories about this female archetype or […]

Solstice Celebration

12/22/2013 | 0 Comments »

  Today we are having the shortest day & longest night of the year (at least on this side of the earth) & so we are celebrating the return of the light. May your inner light shine brightly through these dark times & may the new light spark your dreams & vision to grow into […]

And The Winner Is…

12/11/2013 | 0 Comments »

    The Super Launch Sweepstakes ended yesterday at midnight & I am very delighted to announce the 3 lucky winning goddesses!   1.Price: A FREE 60 minute Sensual Birth Prep session via phone with Kiria (value 99 €) is going to Gaby from Appenweier, Germany   2.Price: An original Hoppediz woven baby sling, color: […]

In 2013, Life

Lovely Preparation for 2014

12/3/2013 | 0 Comments »

    Just a little note in between, because I´m just so excited to share this with you. I love to review my year in the days between Christmas & January 6, to gather the harvest & dream the new year. It´s such an excellent & highly energetic time! I´ve just found an excellent & […]

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