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Frequently Asked Questions


What does Sensual Birthing mean?

sen·su·al [adjective] relating to or consisting of the gratification of the senses or the indulgence of the physical appetites : fleshly (Webster´s Collegiate Dictionary)

Sensual Birthing, to me, means that you have come to your senses, that you have become a sensual woman, a woman that is very aware of her senses, trusts them and knows how to use them for her benefit. Sensual Birthing means you are centered in your body, you know your emotions, your body, your mind, your spirit & your soul, you are well prepared. You have healed what could be healed & embraced what couldn´t. You are consciously creating your surroundings, you are using your pure life force energy to design your birth experience.

You are dancing your dance.

Does it mean everything is going to be an easy walk with no pain at all? No. But it means you have acquired good recources to deal with what´s coming your way. You have trained your intuition. You have trained your body. You have aligned your mind. You have awakened your inner goddess & therefore have access to your inner wisdom. You know the power of breathing & sounding. And you´re ready to surrender to the magic of birth.

Some women describe their sensual birth experience as being in a hightened and ecstatic state of consciousness with no pain at all, while others feel some kind of pain or intense energy at times and total bliss at other times. Some experience their sensual ecstasy during the opening phase, while others feel waves of pleasure as the baby emerges.

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Does sensual equal sexual?

Many women are asking themselves if sensual birthing means they have to be sexual during birth because for many people sensual equals sexual. First of all, you do not have to do anything that you do not like or want (I hope ever).

To me there is a difference between sensual and sexual but one doesn´t have to exclude the other. Sensual speaks more about an inner realm, a state of consciousness where you are totally connected with your own feelings and bathing in the physicalness & juicyness of being. To me that´s one of the reasons why a spirit chooses to come into human form. To enjoy the sensuality of a human body.

Birth is a very intimate event. And as you learn more about birth you will find that both birth & sex have a lot in common with each other. To work best, birth needs the same kind of undisturbed, warm, cosy, safe environment that we like when we want to make love to our partner.


What´s the difference between a sensual birth and a pleasurable/ecstatic/tantric or orgasmic birth?

I believe that all of these terms describe similar realms of experience at their core just using different wording. For a woman coming from a background of tantra, tantric birth may be the term she likes to use, for another this may be too esoteric.

There is a quote I love from Elizabeth Davis and Debra Pascali-Bonaro written in their wonderful book “Orgasmic Birth”:

Whenever a woman can look back on these moments with joy, when the physical and emotional aspects of birth are fully experienced as pleasurable, we call this orgasmic birth.”


Do I have to be pregnant to work with you or can also I start before getting pregnant?

Great question. You do not have to be pregnant to work with me. I also work with women who are planning to get pregnant and want to prepare early, which is great or women who are not sure yet if they want a child or not and need some clarification for themselves or want to clear some emotional issues here.


Do I need a partner to have a sensual birth?

No, you can also prepare for and have a sensual birth if you are a single mom. You might want to consider having a doula or/and a very good friend to Support you for your birth.


Do you work with couples of the same sex, too?

Yes, I also work with women/lesbian couples. All we need here is at least one pregnant woman (or one planning to be) 😉


Can I book you as my personal doula or midwife to accompany my birth in person?

No, I´m sorry, I don´t offer this service anymore due to the time I need for my other clients, my family and myself. But I truly believe that you will be able to find a wonderful midwife/doula to support you and your visions in your area. Midwives/Doulas nowadays tend to have a strong internet presence, so you might just want to google a midwife/doula in your hometown or close.

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Is this a religious program?

No, it is not a religious program, but it includes spiritual aspects which means it is about your connection with something greater, the Everything, the Source of all things, mother & father of all creation.

I don´t care how you call it and I myself use different terms in different context or situations. You may call it God or Universe, Source, Great Spirit, the Great Light or whatever speaks to your heart, what touches your core. I also call it Goddess or Mother at times to emphasize the female aspect, while the essence for me, in it´s pure form, does not have a gender.

It is often easier for us to connect to something that we give more of a form or even a human character and the Mother and Father or God and Goddess images are two different aspects of the one sacred source.

For us as women I find it useful to get to know a bit about the female archetypes or goddesses, to learn more about different ways to embrace and embody the sacred feminine.

“Religio” means to reconnect & that´s what it´s all about. To reconnect with the Source, with Oneness, with love, with your devine Spirit, with being whole. Everything is connected to everything.

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