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What clients are saying…

Kiria’s sensual birth prep coaching session far exceeded my expectations.

Kate Reardon She delivers valuable information with a super sweet and caring nature and I felt so uplifted and relieved after chatting with her. She has given me the confidence I needed for both pregnancy and birth and I felt guided and supported with her by my side. Her intuitive nature, professionalism and big warm heart shine through in her work and I look forward to my next session with her.

Kate Reardon, Naturopath and Nutritionist, Bali


I am so thrilled I was able to connect with Kiria! She is such a joy!

Birth Art I contacted Kiria to help clear my mindset surrounding pregnancy and birth. My husband and I are approaching the time to start trying, and I couldn’t wrap my mind around being pregnant, my body changing, giving a possibly painful birth, and being a mother. Through our session, Kiria had a great energy about her, was a great listener, asked the right questions, and shared such insightful information. By the end of the call, she totally had my mind at ease. I’m so thankful to her for giving me a better idea of how to prepare my body before, during, and after birth!

C., 35, California


“We’re big fans of Kiria!

Monica.Maya.Russell circleAs expats in Germany without family close by, Kiria’s guidance was not only her practical, insightful and reassuring knowledge and useful tips but especially her friendly, loving and family-like embrace. This made all the difference! From determining what kind of birth experience we really wanted (and knowing how to fight for it), going through calming pre-birth breathing exercises and effective techniques for me to support my partner well during the delivery to Kiria’s very welcomed post-birth follow-up visits and hands-on instructions in all areas of how to make our daughter feel safe, cared for and happy at home, we’re forever grateful to Kiria for having been there for us. – Russell

In order to prepare me really well for my first baby’s birth Kiria shared with me her spiritual wisdom of incredible depth

and used exercises that facilitated the opening of the body while softening any fears that dwelled in the mind. She taught my partner Russell how to relieve me during contractions in this is what he did really successfully. Kiria also shared her personal birth experiences that helped me greatly and allowed to make the right decision while giving birth. Kiria’s choice of subjects during the theory meetings were as well on the spot, as if she knew it well in advance what kind of issues I was going to face.

To spice things up and bring more romantic love to the surface, she lead us, my partner Russell and I, to greater unity through connective meditative practices.

Delicious 🙂
I just loved her loving care. And all the good that came out of it.
Kiria was a Blessing to us. – Monika

Monika, Russell & little Maya, Germany



Two months ago I had my first Sensual Birth Prep session with Kiria Vandekamp. Life has not been the same for me ever since.

Jessica Hunt One of the first things Kiria talked to me about was changing my vocabulary. She encouraged me to replace the word “pain” with something more of a pleasant feeling, and so I have. It’s amazing the power a simple word can have. I now refer to contractions and the sensations that come along with them as “waves”. As Kiria explained waves come in all different strength and sizes, some are low and gentle, where others reach high and are more powerful. I am preparing myself to ride each wave as they come, with ease. Another thing Kiria said to me that really stood out, was that in order to experience a sensual birth one must live a sensual life. These words had quite the impact on me, and made me take a good long look at my life. What I found was that I in fact, was not living much of a sensual life.

I’ve practiced applying the advice Kiria’s given me, and through that I’ve made so many changes to my life in these last two months.

The biggest change being, I’ve slowed things down, simplified my life and began honoring my truth. I realized very quickly that it was impossible for me to live a sensual life if I was constantly on the run. We can not truly experience and appreciate the essence of being in the present moment if we’re always rushing to get to our next destination. This new piece of enlightenment will come in handy when I’m in labor and riding that wave!

Kiria has been a godsend. I now have a clear vision on what I want my life and birthing experience to look like, to feel like. I couldn’t be more excited to ride this journey.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Kiria.
Jessica Hunt, Creative Healing, Canada

Our session was truly revealing.
Kiria’s coaching style is very natural and intuitive, her methods are holistic in nature and draw from ancient wisdom.

Monika Maj We analyzed my current situation in regard to pregnancy and birth as well as becoming a mother. Some hidden issues came to the surface allowing us to set healing priorities and design our next meeting, this time in person. Except for being spiritual and motivational, Kiria has a lot of knowledge from other, more physical and anatomy-based spheres of birth as well. This helps a lot once faced with pains and body discomforts inviting deeper understanding and remedy.
I recommend Kiria’s services from the bottom of my heart.

With Love and Light, Monika Maj, Peace Agent, Germany



I had a fair amount of trauma from my first birth, which has stayed with me for a few years, and I wondered if one hour would be enough to change that.

Stacie Whitney Since the session I feel more hopeful & positive. Just making the time to chat about it with someone who cares, and taking on board some of your suggestions have been really helpful in making subtle shifts in my thinking, which will expand more throughout my pregnancy.
I really loved being able to talk about/express my birth process, traumas & fears to someone who understood, and didn’t try to convince me of anything.

Kiria just held the space with love and compassion, and had lots of tools, tips and responses that I could implement immediately to begin being more trusting of my body and to look forward to my next birth (in 5 months).

I’m also moving my hips more – noticing my body and allowing myself to celebrate my sensuality. I’ve ordered the book you suggested, and my hubby’s agreed to do the recommended massages regularly, which is lovely :)I feel somehow more trusting of my body and this whole process, in only a very short space of time.
Before coaching I was sort of ignoring the whole picture – not ready to acknowledge that I’ll be birthing again in a few months. I feel more present now, and empowered.

A huge benefit for me was when Kiria pointed out that I hold a lot of tension in my hips (yes, she did this over the phone without even seeing me!).
It was a big ‘aha!’ for me because not only is it very true, but I believe it led to much of my difficulty in my first birth. So I’m now consciously working with my hips to loosen up and release tension.

It really helps to talk with someone who cares about your journey, has been there, and wants to help. It’s very different from talking with friends, who want to also share and compare – Kiria really held the space for my process. And it’s more than therapy, because she also gave suggestions and tools, so I could walk away feeling that I’d expressed what I needed to express AND empowered with a few ideas of where to go/what to do next.
Thanks, Kiria, I really appreciate you taking the time to talk with me.

I have a feeling of excitement now, where before there was more than anything avoidance and fear. I feel like I’ve turned a corner and am actually beginning to look forward to my next birth!

Lots of love, 
Stacie Whitney, Nourished Mamas. Radiant Lives.


Dear Kiria,
I want to thank you for the wonderful birth prep.

Birth ArtI really liked how we looked at the whole topic through the eyes of the medicine wheel because we could address each aspect individually. The mixture of Kundalini Yoga, stretching, meditation and practical tips you gave me was very helpful for me for it addressed my physical, mental and spiritual side. Very valuable to me was the analysis of my first birth because it brought up a lot of important issues I could then address with my midwife.

During labor when contractions were getting really intense, I heard your voice from the meditations in my head and it helped me to breathe through the contractions.

I´m so happy I got to know you and thank you for your support.

Love, Nadine, Germany

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