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Birth has the potential to be blissful, sensual & ecstatic.


Every pregnant woman wants to have the best birth possible for herself & her baby.

Every woman hopes that birth is gonna be good to her.

Maybe you even want more than that.

You hope and desire a birth that leaves you completely satisfied.

You want a birth experience that can even be pleasurable, blissful or ecstatic.

But still, you are not sure how to get there.

And sometimes doubts creep into your mind if you can really make it.
Riding the Wave


Do you find yourself lying awake in the middle of the night worrying about your birth?

  • Will it be painful?
  • Am I going to make it naturally?
  • Will I be needing an epidural even though I wanted to go totally natural without medication?
  • Will I be able to birth my baby vaginally or will I be heading for an emergency c-section?
  • There are sooo many books and guides and tips and courses… how in the world should I know what´s best for me and my baby?
  • Is there anything I can do to enhance my capability of birthing my child naturally?
  • What can I do to make it a really pleasurable, empowering experience?


Learning to Float

MOST WOMEN think that if they EAT well, think POSITIVE, read a couple of childbirth BOOKS and go to a prenatal CLASS everything´s gonna be just fine…

…and they´ll have the birth of their dreams… and everybody in the hospital is gonna be so nice and supportive… and all the other women that complained were probably sissies…

…and are DEVASTATED when birth doesn´t happen the way they thought it would.

  • I believe that the way we are born & welcomed in this world makes a huge difference in how we perceive life.
  • I believe that the way a woman feels when she gives birth has a great influence on the way she bonds with her child.
  • I believe the way a woman gives birth has great impact on the way she feels as a woman.
  • I believe the way a woman gives birth greatly influences her relationship with her partner.
  • I believe the way a woman gives birth has a great bearing on her sexuality from that day on.


The way we give birth & the way we are born influences our whole life.


That´s why it is my desire that every woman gets a chance

to experience an empowering birth.


I am here to teach you concrete steps you can take towards a satisfying birth experience.

Working with me you will get practical, down-to-earth tips, exercises & teachings as well as mindfull and empathetic energy work.

A huge benefit for me was when Kiria pointed out that I hold a lot of tension in my hips (yes, she did this over the phone without even seeing me!). It was a big ‘aha!’ for me because not only is it very true, but I believe it led to much of my difficulty in my first birth.
– Stacie Whitney

I work one-on-one with my clients in my Sensual Birth coaching sessions via phone to put a plan behind your dream. With me you will get a partner by your side every step of the way to hold an open heart space for you, to help you strengthen your pleasure muscles and to hold you accountable for your dream.

You will be introduced into the magic of the medicine wheel as the basis of our work. Since I have studied shamanic ceremonial medicine since 1995 I have integrated the way of the medicine wheel into my thinking and understanding of the world & I use it as a wonderful tool to structure our work together.




Come birthday I want you to be able to face what comes with serenity, rooted in your sacred body like a goddess, riding the waves of birth consciously & passionately.


What you will get:

  • Find your individual path to the most pleasurable birth you can have
  • Feel more grounded & rooted in your sacred body temple
  • Release old patterns & blocks from your yoni & womb space
  • Feel held & supported in the choices you make for you & your baby
  • Dive into the secrets of the Medicine Wheel & how it can help you prepare for an optimal birth
  • Learn how to focus on the important areas of your birth prep that really make a change
  • Connect to your own inner Goddess, your Wise One, you heart, soul & womb space
  • Juice up your life & your sensuality
  • What you should focus on for a smooth, safe birth for you & your baby
  • Hands on techniques and exercises you can do with your partner
  • Learn secrets of tantric love making
  • You´ll have me as your personal guide on your journey to creating your best birth possible
  • Teachings, exercises, audios, videos, homework, ceremonies etc. tailor-made for your situation
  • BONUS: Downloadable recordings of our calls for you to keep and listen to again & again


Kiria’s coaching style is very natural and intuitive, her methods are holistic in nature and draw from ancient wisdom.
– Monika Maj

Diving Deep

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
– Anais Nin


Coachings can be conducted in English or German.

If you are living in Germany & want to work with me in person please visit my local german site .


Ready to take the next step?




How to book your Sensual Birth Prep Coaching Session

Contact me to apply for your Sensual Birth coaching session with me via phone.
Send me an email via the contact form and tell me a little bit about you, where you´re at in the process of pregnancy & birth and where you want to go.

Caution: This is worth your time & money if you are willing to take responsibility for creating an awesome pregnancy & birth experience. If you believe I should do it for you or the doctor should or somebody else should fix it – please do not contact me. We´re not the right match. It would be a waste of time for both of us.

Upon the acceptance of your application I´ll send you a link to my schedule and you can choose a date that suits you.

If you cannot find a date & time that works for you, please contact me again so I can see where I can open another space for you. We´ll usually find a way.

You can book as many sessions as you need and my schedule allows.


A one-hour session is 89 € (equals about 110 US$).


Birthing Goddess Special Deal: Buy 3 sessions for 250€ (instead of 267€)!


Go here to check the latest exchange rate: Oanda Currency Converter

The payment process is done via PayPal or credit card payment after you schedule your appointment.

I´m trying to make this as convenient as possible for you. Feel free to tell me if there´s anything I could do to make it even easier for you.

I love happy clients. 🙂

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